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two years ago, Nike released the 10 national team's World Cup jersey. But at the end of the world cup, Nike has once again opened a new exploration, committed to the appearance of the football product and the creation of full body football equipment. "by players and extensive discussion, we understand that their demand for future football clothing, along with the emphasis on comfort, air permeability and 'superhero' aesthetic design," Nike creative director Martin & middot, Lotte said. "When we perceive a potential innovation, we will go all out to integrate it into the complete equipment system that we have built for speed." brand new yarn on the process of opening a dream come true, Nike's design team through hundreds of thousands of yarn inspection, found the perfect permeability of non transparent yarn. "We have a very fine yarn." Loti said, "through the yarn processing of fabric surface can better help the athletes to keep the body dry." The results show th cheap air jordans at the sweat rate of a new generation of Nike Jersey was 20% higher than on a Jersey, drying rate increased by 25%. 's new yarn weaving is more sophisticated than ever, which helps Nike to use less yarn on the premise of keeping the Jersey low. Therefore, Vapor Nike technology made by AeroSwift Nike Jersey than on a reduced by 10%, the flexibility increased by 50%. The new yarn also allows the skin to obtain a more soft touch. New Jersey with the use of precision knitting process and yarn is equally important. "We from Nike flyknit technology and it for shoes improved learning and inspiration," Charlotte said, "we will be similar to the knitting technology application in Jersey, so as to enhance the players in different conditions of overall athletic performance." contains Nike AeroSwift of science and technology of the Nike vapor Jersey by the single and double layer weave method: in athletes need to breathe of parts of the body by monolayer woven in need more Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale structure parts adopt double braid. New weaving process is very sophisticated, can be directly in the specific parts of the need to set aside ventilation holes. "In the past, we always had to finish the entire Jersey weaving, and then use the laser cutting technology to make the ventilation holes in the later process," Loti continued. "While the new process to maintain the ventilation performance of the shirt itself at the same time, there is no need to use the previous laser burning technology to change the structure of the shirt." this is the first time Nike in Football Shorts on the same fabric with the same coat. Nike AeroSwift yarn breaking the previous limitations of shorts woven process and to optimize the combination of light, elastic and perfect structure and made new knitting pants. "We received a lot of positive feedback from the players," Loti said. "The new Football Shorts made them very excited. Their comfort level has been greatly improved compared air jordan 11 space jam for sale to the past." New Football Shorts feature is its 〉 Under Armour is the biggest library spokesman, never thought now is a good opportunity to rival Under Armour ahead in the last quarter of Nike three years ago to give up when an ankle injury Curitiba, when Nike has 23% overseas sales growth, Under Armour overseas sales have reached a staggering 56% growth, but also far higher than the previous 30%. Although the Under Armour store is far less than the two brands of Nike (Nike) and Adidas (Adidas), but with the development of the times, Under Armour focuses on the online platform business, rather than the distribution of entity stores. Under Armour spokesperson decision is very wise, he in the occupation career NBA remarkable achievements in recent years, in the year unanimously elected MVP player of the regular season, is to see him in the occupation career efforts, even if the ankle was injured can still recover quickly, with the Under Armour bran jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black d purpose: consistent desire to go beyond the self, more specific this paper presents Under Armour brand beliefs. In addition, the public is easily influenced by the private life of the spokesmen to the brand. The Kuri with a baby baby face is very good, and the image is positive. He donated $10 thousand to participate in charitable activities, and in four years ago to know curry in the church activities of Shakespeare in Ndiaye married five years ago, and after the birth of her daughter had been widely reported in the media. The good father's Kuri helped Under Armour build a good brand image. Under the influence of the positive image of Kuri, the audience had a great good feeling for his endorsement. Chinese fans are increasing their attention to NBA and sprout Currie, which has greatly improved the popularity of Under Armour in China. Last month, there was a fan - Pan Xinlei from Shanghai, a warrior.this time together, there must be a huge spark. Be careful,. Retro jordans for sale HONEYEE this thing some people may not know. I had an inkling of it. According to a website run by the tide. By.. rattan old man. is called the daily compulsory course for the tide people. Because I don't understand English and Japanese, I don't fix..But now the website also published. For the temporary Biquarterly. Limit Japan sale. (33.72 KB)2007-10-1 NEIGHBORHOOD x Honeyee Store Download (39.81 KB)2007-10-1 NEIGHBORHOOD x Honeyee Store Download (39.81 KB)2007-10-1 NEIGHBORHOOD x Honeyee Store Puma Stepper shoes was born in the early 80s of last century, so far more than 30 years of history. This time Puma with Stepper shoes money for the design hair, want to release new Stepper Luxe " Maroon" shoes money. With chestnut as the dominant color, the shoes are made of quality leather and suede, and leather and suede combinations are in line with the current trend, with a white background that sets off the classic look. The pursuit of texture shoes fans may jordans on sale online refer to. OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 1 branded shoes more picture exposure, shoes made of leather, suede and mesh and other materials formed by splicing, both sides with "OFF-WHITE for Nike", Air Jordan 1 "birth information" and "AIR", while the shoelace and the insoles can also see "signature" and the SHOELACE the OFF-WHITE logo details. is not sure whether these shoes are officially produced, and more information, please lock get's follow-up reports. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! following Givenchy and Vetements's absence of fashion week, the deconstruction master brand Maison Margiela also announced the cancellation of the 2018 spring summer Paris men's weekly press conference. It seems that showroom is becoming a favorite brand for new clothes. APP download [get], WeChat public number: jordan 3 katrina 2018 [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!After previewed earlier, the official picture of Air Jordan 1 "Top 3", one of the big finale of Jordan Brand, was finally released. It is named "Top 3", this is because the Jordan Brand will return to the "Banned", "Royal" and "Chicago" to "Top" the three double color together, with "What The" style and asymmetric way to three tone "distribution" on the left and right leather shoe body, and "Nike Air" even the tongue cloth and the outer bottom also appear in "Varsity Red" and "Varsity Royal". This pair of absolute AJ fans coveted epitome of pricing for $$160, will be officially on sale in November 28th, may through the above picture see the details of the design. ??????sports shoe price STAMPIN UP WORK OF ART Ballerina by Suzanne Johnson at www gottastampwithsuzanne com Stamping Cardmaking Ballerinas Work cheap foamposites Of Art and Stampin foster grant reading glasses commercial Crochet Bouquet ClippedOnIssuu Crochet Bouquet Free Books and Bouquets shoe price STAMPIN UP WORK OF ART Bal" /〉 sneakers womens air max thea Blueberry Donuts Recipe Donuts and Blueberries jordan white black varsity red All sizes Leaf Identification Flickr Photo Sharing Lovely Trees Leaves Shape and Contour Line sports shoe price STAMPIN UP WORK OF ART Ballerina by Suzanne Johnson at www gottastampwithsuzanne com Stamping Cardmaking Ballerinas Work Of Art and Stampin & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] According to the British "Daily Mail" message, the former British Olympic gold medalist Linford - Cristi recently on Twitter uploaded a and Assen Giroux satisfied players and legendary striker Thierry Henry and Sarnia photo, in this photo, the biggest highlight is undoubtedly Henry and Arsenal shirt worn Giroux, this Puma shirt design suspected gunman next seas buy cheap jordans online on ball gown. In May this year, Arsenal announced Puma signed a five-year, annual sponsorship fee of up to ? 30 million shirt sponsorship deal with Puma Arsenal this partnership successfully over Liverpool with Warrior Sports 25000000 pound shirt sponsorship contract, thus becoming the Premier League's most valuable shirt sponsorship contract sum. From 1994 until today, the Gunners have been working with Nike for nearly 20 years, but in the past seven years, Nike Arsenal only get ? 55 million shirt sponsorship, while Manchester United in the last 15-year period from Nike to obtain 2.87 one hundred million pounds, which is the final decision to terminate the 19-year Arsenal partnership with Nike, mainly in favor of cooperation with Puma. Cristi has won the 100 meters title at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, it is a famous British sprinter. Cristi's in this photo, the Henry and Giroux shirts are worn Puma sponsorship, it is likely that the Arsenal shirt next sea jordans on sale mens son is early exposure. On the photo is uploaded to a personal Twitter shortly after this photograph Cristi will be deleted, but apparently it was too late, this picture has spread to on the Internet. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: Apparel Network & nbsp; global fashion brand network.)Nike Kyrie 3 in color on the new pattern unceasingly, this time, there is a new version of Nike Kyrie 3 PE color appearance, this pair of shoes shoes with gradient color white and blue coat collocation bright yellow Swoosh, color collocation is very eye-catching, the design is also very densely punctate module dynamic spirit. Do you like the color scheme? Nike Air Presto classic needless to repeat, it in the past two years, from Fragment popularity blessing to open iD services into every family, popularity continues unabated. Recently, Nike Golf is integrated with Presto logo whim of vamp adding "Z font" elastic band will be transformed into a pair of hundred-percent "golf shoes". The fashion attributes of these shoes are pretty good, I have to say. The series will be on sale in February 3rd.Wade exposes Li-Ning Way of Wade 2 new color matching 2014-05-06 22:43:49On the way to Cleveland games, Dwayne Wade exposes himself wearing a new color Li-Ning Way of Wade 2 " Purp Drip" shoes vamp uses pictures, purple, white bottom in the shape like to splashes of water, in the bottom level using the golden water pattern design, detail design is very easy. It has not yet been determined whether the color will be on sale, and we will continue to pay attention to and bring you the latest information. salute to the history Nike released 2012-13 2013-12-08 22:09:07 season Manchester United Jersey home court Manchester United will be wearing a new home jersey for the new season, inspired by the history of the city's hard struggle in Manchester. The 2012-13 season jerseys are made of classic striped cotton plaid, which is designed from the famous cotton spinning factory in Manchester. Manchester United Football Club was founded from respect for traditional values and diligent efforts, it is these values created the prosperity of Manchester now. Since the middle of the eighteenth Century, textile factories have been born, and the textile industry has flourished. The striped cotton fabrics produced by these mills and their classic Plaid are as famous as the Manchester United football team. Today, Manchester United's Home Jersey is the first to use the cotton pattern. cotton tone uses traditional classic red, so that the home jerseys are new and eye-catching. The black V collar brings the modern breath to the jersey. Forged in Industry, Striving for Glory (diligently advancing, striving for glory) printed on the back of the inner neckline, salute to the struggle history of the city of Manchester and the spirit of diligent work of the club. The outer pattern of the neckline of the is a classic little red devils logo, which is also a symbol of Manchester United in the world. White shorts have a twill shadow pattern, echoing the cotton stripes on the jersey. socks are black, with red details on the top, and white little devil patterns. The new design of the stockings, with the most advanced cotton insole, plays a supporting role, so that all players, including professional players feel comfortable. The design of the shirt perfectly combines sports and young style, the classic is not new, and innovative technology makes this shirt become the most advanced high-tech Jersey in Nike history. Athletes can always feel comfortable and excellent when they wear. 's new home kit uses a breakthrough recycled polyester fiber material, the most environmentally friendly Jersey in the history of Nike. Each set of jerseys (tops and shorts) is made of up to thirteen recyclable plastic bottles. And the use of tradition 〉