Salli Finland
We directly import our Salli chairs from Rautalampi, Finland. Therefore providing a guaranteed quality leather seats making your seating much more comfortable.

Bite registration material, A-silicone based, medium consistency – medium bodied, thixotropic. Direct application onto teeth, short time in the mouth (60 sec.), maximum final hardness, approx. 45 Shore D, easy processing. Colour: Base green, Catalyst yellow 1:1 With green apple flavour!

SDI Pola
A single use, simple in-office system. Minimal chair time required – whiter teeth are achieved in just 30 minutes. Pola office’s unique desensitising properties inhibit patient post-operative sensitivity. Pola Office uses a 35% hydrogen peroxide formula to give you and your patients quick and efficient results without excessive time wasted chairside.

About Us

Indra Sari Trading / IST Dental Supplies is a Malaysian owned importer and distributor of dental consumable products and equipment in Malaysia. Our passion is to assist dental professionals to provide the best possible dental care.

Established in 1999, Indra Sari Trading started as sole distributor of GC products for the government sector and Schwert instruments.

Unique in our abilities to offer our clients quality products from reputable manufacturers, we are committed to the core values and strategies that have contributed to our continued success .Indra Sari Trading’s reputation did not develop by chance, it is a result of our customer focused and personal care that we have provided over the years has made us a prominent supplier throughout Malaysia.

Indra Sari Trading remains committed to the quality-based culture that our founder Mr Vela and his wife, Neela, infused in their business. By holding fast to our historical values and focusing on our future, we are certain that our best years are yet to come.

To Our Customers

We provide the best quality and value in products and services, helping our customers to:

  • Deliver quality dental care to patients;
  • Efficiently operate and grow practices; and
  • Increase financial return and financial security